Lent, Money, and Games

Lent image

Lent is just around the corner. Ash Wednesday is in two days! I know myself well enough to know that when I write something down, it helps me to remember, and in this case, stick to it. So, even though it’s in my journal, I’m sharing my Lenten commitments/practices here.

This is the first time in forever that I’m not including something to do with food or drink. I’ve already started trying to eat in a healthier way, so to slide it into Lent just didn’t seem fair. (Although I was tempted!)

One of my commitments this year is to not buy anything new that I don’t need. Now, that should be a given for all of my life, but let’s just say it isn’t. Especially since my husband David died. I think that my brain is sabotaging me. It says, very subtly, “Here, you like that. Buy it. You’ll feel better and won’t miss David so much.” We’ll, let me tell you, my brain is lying to me! So for me, at this time, this practice/commitment is what will help me focus on what I really do need: to stay close to God, not to buy more stuff. To take this a step further, if there’s something I see that I know I’d buy under “normal” circumstances, I’m going to donate that money to a cause.

My second commitment is not to play any computer (or tablet) games. Instead, I will read more. I’m finally getting to the place in my life where I enjoy reading and can actually concentrate on a book. That hasn’t happened since David died. I seem to have substituted playing games, a no-brainer activity, for reading, an activity that involves the brain. I think I’m ready to involve my brain more! So, I will read–a book, an article, the scriptures–instead of playing games. This doesn’t mean I will only play 30 minutes a day, because that would quickly move into an hour or more. It means NO computer games. Which also means, not so much TV watching. The two sort of go together for me. (Does anyone else feel like you’re not wasting time if you’re doing two things at once, even if it’s TV watching and computer games?)

Those are my two commitments/practices for Lent. With God’s help, my mindfulness during Lent in these areas will transform my everyday life after Lent. And God will have more of me being who God wants me to be.

And, if you see me, be sure to ask me how things are going with my Lenten commitments/practices.



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